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7 Apr | Tomasz Kozon | No Comments

Celebrating Easter Polish style

Easter egg hunt, marshmallows and hot cross buns? Not in Poland! But Polish people have their own, fascinating customs and traditions that you can discover yourself if you happen to visit Poland at Easter time. On Palm Sunday, the beginning of the Holy Week, Polish churches are crowded with people holding colorful, artificial palms. Naturally, …


30 Mar | Tomasz Kozon | No Comments

Tic toc: a tourist’s inner clock

If you live in Northern America, Europe or some parts of Australia, you are most probably familiar with the concept of daylight saving time. What is more, you’ve just experienced it, just like the inhabitants of Poland have. We bet you are excited about the days getting longer and you can feel spring in the …


4 Feb | Tomasz Kozon | No Comments

Winter frenzy in Poland

If it has ever come across your mind that summer is the only time for traveling with your family, you couldn’t be more wrong. In January and February the tourism industry in Poland flourishes, as it is the time when children get two weeks off school. Traveling to different Polish holiday destinations is so popular …


25 Jan | Tomasz Kozon | No Comments

War stories from Poland: The Zookeeper’s Wife

During the horryfing times of the Second World War and the Holocaust, there were many brave Poles who helped Jews escape from their cruel fate. Poles are the biggest nation group awarded the title Righteous Among the Nations by the state of Israel. One of the most touching and famous stories of Poles rescuing Jews …


20 Dec | Tomasz Kozon | No Comments

Unusual Nativity Scenes

Christmas time is perfect for traveling to Poland. The streets of the main cities look adorable, adorned with lights. Walking around the Old Town in Warsaw or Kraków, you can try the tasty Polish food and buy presents on the Christmas market. But if you are planning a trip to Poland at the turn of …


28 Nov | Tomasz Kozon | No Comments

Warsaw Tours: Jews In Poland and the POLIN

When you think of the Jewish people, you’re bound to have some quite sombre associations: intolerance, persecution, the Holocaust… It’s a good idea to remember that these are not the only things you can associate with Jewish culture. And not the only things it’s worth to know about it. And the best way to learn about …


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