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20 Apr | Tomasz Kozon | No Comments

The Warsaw Ghetto Uprising in 1943

Anniversaries usually are associated with good things. Birthdays, holidays, marriage anniversaries… They’re all there to remember the positive things in our lives. But there’s also another kind of anniversary – the kind to help us remember what despite not being a pleasant thing to remember, must not be forgotten.
The anniversary that’s nearing is exactly that other, sad kind. Starting 19th April and ending 16th May back in 1943, the Jews of Warsaw carried out an uprising against the opposing Nazi forces that occupied their home – Poland. This year we commemorate 70 years since that brave, although tragic act.


1 Mar | Tomasz Kozon | No Comments

Polish National Day of Memory of Cursed Soldiers

You might not be aware of it, but a Polish national holiday is nearing – on the 1st March, Poland celebrates the memory of the Damned Soldiers, or Cursed Soldiers as they are also called (pl. “Żołnierze wyklęci”) – the people who stood against communism and formed resistance to protect Polish independence and freedom after World War II.


10 Feb | Tomasz Kozon | No Comments

ORP Orzeł – WW2 Polish Submarine

Last week, on the 2nd February, was the anniversary of ORP Orzeł (Republic of Poland Ship “Eagle”) being commissioned into naval service. The story of that submarine is one of a kind, and remembered to this day by both Polish people and the citizens of Tallinn, the capital city of Estonia, which witnessed the “Orzeł incident”, as history calls it. What exactly is the ship’s story?


28 Jan | Tomasz Kozon | No Comments

International Holocaust Remembrance Day

The International Holocaust Remembrance Day is a memorial day, set at 27th January, for the whole world to stop and reflect. Reflect on the genocide of over 6 million Jews, 2 million Gypsies, 15,000 homosexual people, and millions of others.


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