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RealPoland specializes in organizing private tours of Poland. We are experts in creating unique, custom-made holidays, which will suit your personal needs. We do our best to meet the highest expectation of our Customers. Our personal approach guarantees that your request will be treated in a very special way.

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Polish Delight (16 Days)


Small Group Tours

Discovering the extraordinary culture, heritage and landscape of Poland at a more relaxed pace and more time to enjoy its beauty – this is what you get when you choose the Polish Delight tour. Poland is in a way the heart, the central point of Europe. It collects all of the aspects of European history. It has always been a mix of ethnicities, languages and influences. And it is still open, still proud of its colorful heritage. It is worth spending more time to take a closer look and feel Poland. Join our small group. No doubt you will be delighted!


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