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RealPoland specializes in organizing private tours of Poland. We are experts in creating unique, custom-made holidays, which will suit your personal needs. We do our best to meet the highest expectation of our Customers. Our personal approach guarantees that your request will be treated in a very special way.

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Łódź City Tour

Łódź is the third biggest city in Poland. Throughout years it was a huge industral center. Today, the interest in the city is reborn and it is a popular destination especially for those who are interested in Jewish History in Poland.

The tour starts with a visit to Księży Młyn – an amazing industrial district where you feel as if time had stopped. You will take a walk around the buildings of Karol Scheibler’s factory, which in the 19th century formed a city within the city, and the factory of Izrael Poznański, nowadays converted to a shopping and entertainment center called Manufaktura.

We will not let you miss the largest palace in Łódź, which also once belonged to the manufacturer Izrael Poznański, or “the king of cotton”. You will also pay a visit to the famous “White Factory” of Ludwig Geyer – a treasure of Poland’s industrial architecture. Next to the Geyer’s Factory you will find the Museum of Urban Wooden Architecture. It is where you can admire original examples of wooden houses, which were built in Łódź. Afterwards you will take a walk along the famous Piotrkowska Street, probably the longest shopping street in Europe.

However, one cannot forget that the history of the city was shaped by the co-existence of four nations, Polish, German, Jewish and Russian. The Jewish people made up about one third of the city’s population and owned one third of all the factories. That is why, the next part of the sightseeing will be dedicated to following the legacy of the Jewish inhabitants of Łódź. The first stop will be the biggest Jewish cemetery in Europe, then you will head for Radegast railway station, once the departure point to the death camps in Chełmno and Auschwitz. You will visit the areas of the former Litzmannstadt Ghetto, one of the most remarkable ghettos. Then you will see the only remaining synagogue in Łódź, the only one to survive WW2. Nowadays, it is open for Jewish religious services.

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