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RealPoland specializes in organizing private tours of Poland. We are experts in creating unique, custom-made holidays, which will suit your personal needs. We do our best to meet the highest expectation of our Customers. Our personal approach guarantees that your request will be treated in a very special way.

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Old school Warsaw

Let’s skip the mainstream tourist attractions this time. We want you to discover the colorful, curious Warsaw: the remains of its communist history and the turbulent decade of aggressive capitalism that followed.

Starting with Praga – a quarter that was the underground, the polar opposite of a modern capital city. There, you will find the oldest market square in town – Bazar Różyckiego – which has been operating there for almost one hundred and fifty years (even under the Soviets!) and still gives you a glimpse of local fashion, customs and slang. Step off the bazaar and find yourself surrounded by the hundred-years-old brick houses of the former criminal quarter, now housing hipster cafes, independent galleries and amateur theaters (“Koneser Factory”) or lofts. Polish Soho? Might be.


Then, let us move back downtown. Have you ever heard that those communist freaks loved weird monuments and sculptures? You may have, but we bet you didn’t expect to have an opportunity to instagram your photos with the statues of a miner, a farmer, a construction worker or a vendor woman.


We know, better than anyone, that food is often the highlight of a trip. That’s why our truly passionate, truly Polish and truly enthusiastic guide knows well where you can get the best dumplings in the neighborhood, and will get you to a Milk Bar to prove it. Well, you might not have heard about them, but they were communist fast foods. No way, did something like that ever exist? Yes, it did, and it still does.


Last, but not least – for the whole tour, you get a really cool ride. Namely, a limousine at least forty years old, manufactured for the communist officials – FSO WARSZAWA , and still operative. Wanna jump in?

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  • 3h
  • Professional driver, licensed English-speaking guide
  • Polish communist limousine – FSO WARSZAWA
  • All year round, daily

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