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RealPoland specializes in organizing private tours of Poland. We are experts in creating unique, custom-made holidays, which will suit your personal needs. We do our best to meet the highest expectation of our Customers. Our personal approach guarantees that your request will be treated in a very special way.

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Pearls of Northern Poland

If you want to experience a real variety of Polish landscapes, a tour of Northern Poland is highly recommended. During a two day excursion you will visit the Malbork Castle and Gdańsk.

If you want to experience a real variety of Polish landscapes, a tour of Northern Poland is highly recommended. During a two day excursion you will visit the Malbork Castle, a medieval fortress from 14th century and former headquarters of the Teutonic Order, Gdańsk – the biggest city of Northern Poland, with its history spanning almost a thousand years, as well as the museum in Stutthof concentration camp.


We propose the following tour schedule:


Day 1


  • 07:00 – departure from your Warsaw hotel.
  • 12:00 – arrival to Malbork – tour of the medieval castle, listed on the UNESCO Heritage Sites. The castle is a massive array of defense walls, watchtowers, chambers and halls.  The interiors hold collections of amber craft, gothic weapons, artistic sculptures, handworks or porcelain. You can feel like a medieval noble, living in the enormous fortress.
  • 15:00 -16:00 – lunch break in Malbork
  • 18:00 – arrival to Gdańsk, check in to your hotel. Before in-depth sightseeing of the city, we recommend that you take a short walk along the narrow streets of the Old Town to feel the magic of the place that had been the home of the famous astronomer Hevelius.The sightseeing route leads through the Long Market – known for the Neptune fountain that has become the symbol of the city – and the impressive buildings of Town Hall and Artus Court, an opulent mansion that had been a meeting place of the city’s powerful merchants. The city had the misfortune of facing the beginning of World War Two. Today it is associated with the Solidarity movement and its resistance to communist authority.


Day 2


  • 09:00 – 12:00 – just after breakfast, you will meet with a local, English-speaking guide and your tour shall include the very best of Gdańsk. The walk around the charming Old Town will include its best-known features: the Crane Gate and the Long Market Square with the famous symbol of the city – Fountain of Neptune. Then, you can see the city’s beautiful renaissance townhouses. The last stop will be St. Mary’s Church with an astronomical clock from the 15th century. During your walk you should also take a look at the local amber products – the ancient, famous jewel of the Baltic Sea.
  • 13:00 – 15:00 – a visit to Stutthof, a former Nazi Concentration Camp. It became one of the Extermination Camps of the “Final Solution,” claiming the lives of nearly 80,000 people. The tour leads around the barracks of the two camp complexes, one older than the other, the villa of the chief commander, the gas chamber, the crematorium, and the watch towers.
  • 15:00- 21:00- return to Warsaw, with a possible lunch break on the way.

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  • 2 days
  • English-speaking driver, local guide at Malbork Castle, Gdańsk and Stutthof, entrance tickets
  • Private car
  • All year round, daily

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