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Poland travel, travelers in poland, castle in Lidzbark WarminskiMany travelers in North America have recently started to worry about safety when they travel to Europe. Is it dangerous to plan your travel to Europe? If there is any risk, is it equal in all of the forty six countries there? Is Poland a good choice for a travel destination?
There is no doubt that Poland is recognized as one of the safest countries all around Europe, both for travelers and for its inhabitants. The opinion is mostly based on the very low crime rate and the fact that since World War II no serious terrorist attack has taken place in Poland. Polish intelligence, even after the bloody attacks in Paris, estimate the possibility of a terrorist acts in Poland as very low. How does it impact the travel industry in Poland? Obviously, tour operators do their best to convince more and more people to travel to Poland, and at the same time it is believed that some travelers might change their plans and choose safe countries. It is certainly a big opportunity for Poland. Surely it is about time then for the state and the local authorities to improve the infrastructure and invest in tourist attractions. Big hotel chains are constantly increasing their appearance in Poland, currently most of them are being focused on the so far less popular, smaller cities. It is worth mentioning as well that individual Polish entrepreneurs have recently developed an interesting network of concept, stylish hotels all around Poland. The perfect examples are: ‘Olandia’ – established in an old Prussian estate, ‘Chopin Boutique’ in one of the historical Warsaw apartment houses or ‘Krasicki Hotel’ in the medieval castle in Lidzbark Warminski. If you travel to Poland, it would be a good idea to combine those two types of accommodation. One of the key factors for the travel’s safety is also transportation. Organized, group travels in Poland use mostly individual means of transportation of specialized transport companies. However, some of the tour operators have their own fleet of buses or mini-buses, which should be treated as a big advantage. Public transportation, especially trains, is also a perfectly safe and rather efficient idea for travels in Poland.
Last but not least, make sure if the tour operator provides you with a travel insurance. It is common especially for group tours in Poland. However, if you travel as an individual, you might need to revise your private insurance contract and possibly extend it to the territory of Europe


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