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Magdalena. sorry it has taken me a while to get this off to you but since returning from our Real Poland tour I have been busy trying to catch up here at home.

I just wanted to let you know how very much I enjoyed the tour and what a fantastic tour guide Magda is......she is AMAZING and everything a more a tour guide should be. I have been on about 18 different tours in the past 18 years, by bus and on river cruises and I have never had a tour guide as knowledgeable, friendly, funny and accommodating as your Magda K.

The bus driver Rafat (Ralph) was also a pleasure and I enjoyed the interaction between the two of them....they made the time on the well as the dinners....most pleasant.

The tour itself was everything I hoped it would be and I will definitely tell people that it's a tour worth taking. The perroggie making evening at the ``palace``, the evening with ``Chopin`` and the evening of music and song at the Israele restaurant in Krakow are just a few of the entertainment highlights...oh yes, and watching Tom dance with the Polish dancer in the restaurtant in Magda's hometown was great fun. The Salt mine was incredible, Cestahowa incredible and Auschwitz......something everyone should experience. Maybe then people would realize it is time for all people to get along regardless of race, creed, religious beliefs, political views, etc.

So a big thank you for a wonderful trip.

Susan Doughten


Dear Magdalena,

I was going to write you an email soon, but you jumped the gun on me. Yes, we got home safely but it took us 3 days to get over the jet lag and possibly from the schedule of activities we had over there. As you know, we were already in a 2-week tour of Europe before we came to Poland.

I want to thank you for arranging a wonderful tour for us. The drivers, Roman and Mario were wonderful and the guides were outstanding. Robert said that you are very well-versed and very knowledgeable.

Except for the first night in Warsaw, the accommodations were wonderful. Even the small hotel room which was very tight while we were at the Harasuiki village area was quaint. You did a great job and the activities were just right for us ``Seniors``.

If I write you or something, what address should I use?

Thanks again,


Marilyn Harasick


We were extremely pleased with RealPoland services, beginning with my communications with you. You were always prompt to respond, one reason I decided to use your company. The tour was excellent and I believe gave us a good overview of the country. The only regret is that we did not have more time to spend in some of the cities!

Rafal was wonderful. He took good care of us, was eager to please and had a good sense of humor. We also found the local guides to be good. As for the hotels, with the exception of the one in Lublin, we were pleased. They seemed to be well located and were very clean, an important criterion. We wanted you to know about the problems with the Lublin hotel. There were all kinds of little problems with it and it was not in the best location, but it by no means spoiled our tour or opinion of RealPoland. I just hope you can book future clients in a better hotel.

We have returned home with a very positive impression of Poland. You have a lovely country with friendly people, and we enjoyed the opportunity to see some of it. We will be happy to share our impressions with anyone who may be considering travel with RealPoland.

Diane Goldfarb


My trip to Poland exceeded any expectations I had. From the moment we were met at the airport to the time we were dropped back at the airport, everything was handled in a timely and professional manner. Our drivers, especially Pieter and Ralph( that's what we called them) were exceptionally helpful and a delight. The guides were knowledgeable and also very helpful. Our guide in Warsaw Katarzyna clearly loves Warsaw and its history and her enthusiasm made for incredible tours. Our husbands were also very impressed with our guide Barbara in Krakow. And the men also praised their driver and how all connections worked.
The hotels were all excellent except for our hotel in Lublin which seemed empty and the food was not very good. But it was one night only and not a big deal.
The only suggestion for future tours I might make is to have the tour of Auschwitz- Birkenau the only event for the day since it was so emotional. However, with that said, the salt mines provided a nice contrast.
I plan on recommending your services to anyone interested in visiting Poland. Thank you again for all of your planning and assistance for my husband.

I can definitely see myself in Poland again!

Anice Machado



Hi we really enjoyed the trip. Piotr was a wonderful driver and has a great personality. We enjoyed getting to know him. All the hotels were conveniently located and very nice. We especially liked Polonia Palace.
The only place that was disappointing was Gizycho where the boat trip was cancelled due to very windy weather and there was nothing much to do. Torun had a very dull old town and our guide was the only one we did not especially like. She seemed quite rushed

We really needed the extra day in Krakow. We saw the museum at Shindlers factory and had time to visit the big shopping center and walk around town.We did not go river rafting because the water was so low that the trip would have taken almost 3 hours and we would not have gotten back to Krakow until after 10 PM

Also, we really enjoyed the wonderful chocolates that you gave us for our anniversary. It was such a wonderful surprise. Also,Rosanna was delightful beautiful and great service. We highly recommend it.
Speaking of food, we did not have a meal the whole trip that was not really great food.

WE will certainly recommend your company to any one who asks We had a great time



Good morning,

Thank you very much for arranging our trip so perfectly! We enjoyed our drivers and guides so very much. Accommodations were each wonderful in their own way. Once settled back home we post positive comments on tripadvisor.

Until then, many thanks for everything!

Melinda O'Brien

P.S. Please give a special hello to drivers Peter and Mario who put up with our craziness!



Hello Magdalena:I enjoyed most everything about the tour.

First - please know that all of the drivers were on time and very courteous.

The same was true for all of the tour guides. I have hearing loss in both ears, however, my left ear is somewhat better than the right so I asked each of the tour guides to do their best to stay on my left. All were understanding and did their best to help me hear what they were saying even when we were in a crowded or noisy location.

Of the tour guides the first, in Krakow, seemed to be the best in terms of explaining things and so I had a good time visiting the WAWEL castle, the various churches, the market square, the cloth market, and Shindler’s factory museum. It was a five hour walking tour immediately following my flights over from the USA so I was somewhat tired even before the tour. I think if I do it again, I will rest on arrival and do the tour the next morning.

My second favorite tour guide was the one assigned to me at Cheztohowa. We toured the shrine and saw the Black Madonna as it was uncovered. We even visited the treasury. All was very impressive.

The day of Auchwitz 1 & II and the Salt mines were both exceptional tours both in terms of interest and history. Of course the tour guides I had at these locations were local and not arranged by Real Poland. My driver that day was Michael and he did his best to converse with me in English and make the 2 hour drive to and from the locations pleasant. I thought he did an excellent job of passing the time during the ride.
The salt mines are fantastic. Of course Auchwitz represents the worst of human events, but, we need to remember how it was so we won’t allow it to happen ever again - these tours have their purpose.

The tour to Zakapana was interesting with great scenery. The tour guide was knowledgable and efficient. I particularly liked our stop at Chocholow where all the houses are similar whether built in 1819 or 2014.
The ski resort, however, was very touristy, and less interesting to me personally. I know many of you visitors, especially those with children, must love visiting the top of the mountain and looking at all of the items in the shopping area and the cheese making etc.

I was sorry that I could not give Krysztof enough information to trace my wives family roots in Poland - but, I did see one grave in the Zakapana small cemetery with the Bohenski name on it. Probably not one of her relatives.

The hotel Wyspianski in Krakow was well located relative to the market square so I was able to walk each evening and enjoy excellent meals and the surrounding events easily. The hotel itself was clean and comfortable although it was very busy with group tours and breakfast seating was scarce.

Plane connections to Gdansk were on-time and all went well.

The Kodza house is located close to the old market square and the canal so it was a good choice for walking and finding restaurants - it was never crowded and I was able to meet my son John there easily.
Again the drivers were on-time and courteous. Margaret, my two day tour guide, was on time and thorough while she gave us the the tri-city tour. My son and I both felt that she spent more time than needed on the seven day war which was a significant event in Poland’s WWII history and yet a minor battle in comparison to everything else that happened. She took us to Sopot and the beach and the Grande Hotel which I liked. And we drove through Gyndia with her commentary. The most interesting and enjoyable part of the first afternoon was walking through the market area visiting the various gates of the the city including the Golden Gate and then the market. Perhaps because this was the older part of the city and built uniquely. During my free time I also visited the Maritime Museum.

I think we would have liked to have seen the port close up.

The highlight for me with Margaret was the trip to Malberg castle - here we learned about the Teutonic Knights and the grand masters and part they played in Polands history. Both Margaret and the local guide did and excellent job of helping me understand live in and about the castle and I felt like I could visualize the times. This was a good tour to include with my visit to Gdansk.

My son and I enjoyed and excellent 6 seafood item dinner in Gdansk that first night.

My plane connections to Berlin were again on time and well managed.

Thanks for all the planning to make sure that I had a trip to Poland that was educational, enjoyable, historic, and positive in terms of schedule and accommodations.





I will write a longer reply when I get settled in, but wanted to tell you the whole trip was WONDERFUL! Yes, use the credit card I gave you and please add another $200. US dollars to the amount and split it with Krzysztof. Both of you were great! (Or keep it for yourself, hahaha). I cannot begin to tell you how great your tours were!



Dear Magdalena,I am sorry it has taken me so long to write to you but the days were completely full and I had to come home to the States yesterday.You deserve 5 stars for our Poland trip. The drivers and guides were ALWAYS on time. The accommodations were all clean and the breakfasts were great. My only problem was that out bedroom in the hotel in Krakow, Alexander II, was next to the city train tracks which were rather loud.Poland is a wonderful country. I brought back flyers to give to my friends. Arriving in Warsaw at 7:05 in the evening and being at a Chopin concert by 7:30 in the Boutique Bed and Breakfast was amazing. Thank you for that hotel.I learned a lot of history and saw a lot of the beautiful country side.

Lastly, I was nervous before I left because I did not know how I would be treated as a black person and there was NEVER anyone who was not professional and kind. This included EVERYONE in Poland.

My only worry is that I did not tip the drivers and guides enough for their splendid jobs.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!



Dear Magdalena,We arrived home on 20/6 and are getting settled back to normal life. We very much enjoyed our tour around Poland. The tour drivers and guides you provided were all very knowledgeable, courteous, and professional. In our opinion all of the guides, with one exception, were very passionate about their work and the history and culture of Poland.There are a couple things I would like to tell you for future reference.The first day the planned schedule was reversed. We went to the King's residence and the Royal Castle first, and probably spent more time there then needed. The result was that we had to rush through the remaining parts of the tour. Also, we had no lunch break, which made the day long.The Zakopane guide, in our opinion, was the least inspired and seemed somewhat disengaged and offered minimal information. The road to Zakopane with its beautiful scenery, and the raft trip made the tour worthwhile. However, we were surprised when we had no English speaking river guide. It would have been more enjoyable if we were able to understand what the river guide was saying. From our observations of the other passengers it was informing and sometimes quite amusing. Also, the commercialism at the mountain top overwhelms.In closing, we had a wonderful time and learned much about Polish history and culture. We found a difference in the cities of Warsaw and Kracow, both very beautiful, but different in their own ways. The experience of Auschwitz was sobering and the sights in the Wieliczka Salt Mine were stunning and beautiful.

Barbara would like to send Eva something but we do not have any contact information. Could you please provide her e-mail or address so we may correspond.

Given the opportunity, we will definitely recommend your agency and I will post favorably on Trip Advisor. Thank you for all your hard work in making our visit to Poland an exceptional and unforgettable experience.


Joe & Barb Ruskowitz



Hi Magda,We would like to thank you for doing a marvelous job on our trip. Everything went very smoothly.
The itinerary was just what we were looking for. The accommodations were excellent. The guides and drivers were all very personable and ready to help us in whatever way we needed. Our group had a wonderful and memorable time and I was very proud to show Poland to our son and his family in such a great way.Thank you
Andrew and Sophie Niewiara



We returned home safely late last night. We had a wonderful time in Poland! All the arrangements you made worked out wonderfully. The drivers were all pleasant and helpful and the tour guides knowledgeable and enjoyable. I would say that we probably enjoyed the two guides in Krakow the best – they were both extremely knowledgeable and had lots of interesting things to share. But all the guides were good. And the drivers were very attentive. We all laughed when our driver met us directly outside our train car on the platform when we arrived back in Warsaw the other night. They were always right there watching out for us!The accommodations were also very nice. We especially enjoyed the B&B in Warsaw – very cute and comfortable. The Pergamin apartments in Krakow were also nice – a little loud at night (mostly World Cup fans) but it was worth it to be so close to the main square! And the Bellamonte in Zakopane was lovely as well.All in all, it was a great trip and my wife and I both remarked how nice it was not to have to worry about driving or setting up tours, etc. I will highly recommend your services to anyone considering a trip to Poland. And I’ll also be happy to put a review on Trip Advisor too.Have a nice weekend!



Greetings from England and apologies for beating you at football yesterday!

I much enjoyed your excellent tour of Warsaw back in July. Just to let you know that I so enjoyed visiting Poland that my wife and I are due to come to Krakow for a 4-day visit from October 24th to 27th on an organised tour. We are much looking forward to it.

Keep up your excellent work in Warsaw!


United Kingdom

From the initial contact through the website to the dealings with our driver and guide, the RealPoland team was able to show a great blend of professionalism and easy going flexibility to cater to our changing needs. We will definitively use them again,
Joanna (Toronto) and Michael (London, ON)



In the company of a fellow Brit, 2 Lithuanian ladies, 2 fellows from Argentina and an American we followed up our superb stay at the University of Life Sciences where we attended an international farm management meeting with a half day tour of Warsaw led by our young driver Chris and lovely guide Magda.
This was the icing on the cake as for 4 hours we had much fun on our intensive tour which culminated with 2 of us being dropped at the airport for our return flight. Our guides were very enthusiastic, knowledgable and full of fun and appeared to enjoy the experience as much as we did. I can thoroughly recommend 'Real Poland' to be your guide to Warsaw and beyond as they appear to really live up to their name.


United Kingdom

This was my third visit to the death camp Treblinka, sacred ground because it is where my grandfather lost his life. What could have been a morbid excursion became one of historical and contemporary enlightenment, compliments of our extremely knowledgeable tour guide, Kasia, and the wonderful and wise driver from the H15 hotel. I thought I knew most everything about this camp that took so much from our family, but Kasia is a history expert, and offered additional insights delivered in an extremely sensitive manner. The entire journey was filled with non-stop political and historical discussion, combined with truly engaging personal stories. Real Poland Day Tours provided an excursion that my daughter and I will always remember.



Hello Magdalena,

We LOVED the tour you arranged. It was exhausting, mostly due to everything I wanted included and the distance we travelled. If I had to do it over there would be more down time to relax and enjoy the surroundings, but it was my requirements that caused the frenzied pace.

All of our drivers and guides were first rate. We particularly appreciated Marta and Macek (I don’t know how to spell his name) who maneuvered through the small family villages, stopping strangers on the streets, in cemeteries and in their yards and fields to find the information we sought. In Mlodowice, we stood on the probable site of my grandfather’s and great grandfather’s house. In Wyszatyce, we met some wonderful people including a first cousin of my mother. That was the most important part of the trip and we couldn’t have done it alone.

We should also say that Gustaw and Dimi made the transition to another country seamless. We enjoyed their company, especially on the long ride to Kiev, and are very happy you suggested driving over taking the train.

Magdalena, I can’t thank you enough for the diligent work you did in customizing the tour to meet our needs. We have already provided your contact information and our recommendation to one person who is planning a trip to Poland. I will post a comment on your website and I will write a letter to the editor of the Polish Genealogical Society of America publication about the success we enjoyed. I know that there are many people here seeking family information from Galicia who do not know where to start in seeking assistance. I hope you are rewarded with great success.



You did a great job planning our trip to Poland. Thank you for being flexible and adjusting our agenda, when our flight, that we booked ourselves, ran into problems in Berlin.
Once we made it to Gdansk, our trip really began. The hotel you suggested was fabulous. The breakfasts especially deserve comment. We had omelets cooked to order along with meats, fruits, croissants, fruits and pastries that were excellent. Our guide to Gdansk was incredibly knowledgeable. In addition to introducing us to the city and its history, she gave us insights into how Gdansk is being rebuilt to its original splendor. Our trip to Malbork Castle was fascinating. The history and the importance of the castle take you back to a time in history when Poland was a pivotal player in the march of history.
Next, we took the train to Warsaw and are glad we did. We wanted to see the countryside and the unexpected advantage was the young Poles we met on the train. They shared with us their plans for the future and their excitement of being part of the new Poland. Warsaw is a vibrant metropolitan city. The Bed and Breakfast you suggested was perfect. The location was close to dining and Old Town. The breakfasts around a big table with travelers from all over the world were one of the highlights of our trip. Again our guide was excellent, he knew and showed us more of the history of Warsaw then we thought any one person could learn and convey.
The train to Krakow was a delight. The rails to Krakow have been updated and the trip was fast and smooth. Again we met young people on the train that were kind and happy to help Americans. We think Krakow is the most beautiful city we visited. It was not destroyed in the World War II and has maintained its splendor for which it is famous. The Hotel Maltanski was well located and close to Old Town. The room was excellent and the breakfasts were exceptional. Our excellent guide gave us a tour of the city that gave us a real feel for the history and makeup of the city. Wawel Castle, the Jewish quarter, the main square and the churches are places not to be missed. While in Krakow we took side trips to the Wieliczka Salt mines and Auschwitz which are close by.
Diane especially enjoyed the side trips with our drivers to the small towns where her grandparents were from. Near Klyz, with the help of the driver, she found a church where she found documents tracing her great-grandparents and great-great-great grandparents, what a find! Near Skibniew, she found a cemetery we believe contains the remains of her other great-grandparents.
The only negative we experienced was the train back to Warsaw. Instead of 1st class tickets, we were given 2nd class tickets which were crowded and didn't have air conditioning. We don't know what happened. But again we met nice people on the train who were interested in conversing with us on the journey.
We should mention the food and beer. Being of Polish extraction, we could not wait to try the local cuisine. We were not disappointed in any of our meals in any of the cities we visited and the beer was excellent!

Magda, again thank you and if anyone is travelling to Poland, we will encourage them to contact you, so they can have the great experience we enjoyed.

David and Diane


Recently returned from a holiday in Europe which included a visit to Poland. We are independent travelers that receive travel assistance rather than being with a group tour. We were interested In touring Krakow with a side trip to Auschwitz. We were fortunate to hook up with Magda who works for the travel agency, Real Poland. She provided us with what we needed to have a quality experience. We had no difficulty in our communication. She was prompt in responding and receptive to our requests. We felt no pressure to fit into a ``cookie cutter`` program. The resources were top of the line. What was scheduled and promised was delivered. I highly recommend The agency, Real Poland, for any visit to that region



We were introduced via email to Mr Piotr Bodera (RealPoland), I had images of a greying, balding serious lecturer being introduced to us, assumptions huh! Piotr was a tall gangly tousled haired youngster of 24 years of age, with a sense of humour. He reminded me of the young Hugh Grant with his flopsy hair do and general demeanour.

Piotr Bodera, the young Hugh Grant that drove us on our journey, interpreted the dialects and languages spoken at us as we stood wide eyed and tongue tied. Piotr had an affinity with our sense of humour albeit some of the banter went completely over his head. I don’t think that our neighbours in adjoining countries understand the British sarcasm and wit and on reflection maybe that’s not a bad thing at all.


United Kingdom

Hello Karen

I can highly recommend Piotr (RealPoland) for your visit. We found him exceptional in every aspect of our search for my family roots. Nothing was too much trouble. He was extremely helpful, did an excellent background search of my family, which was very thorough and exact and professional. He spoke English fluently, which was good as we met up with my family in Lublin for several occasions, and he was a typical Pole, very hospitaable, proud of his country, and he passed this love on to us. Although, I felt this connection instinctively, Piotr was such an open, honest and extremely welcoming and friendly Pole with a terrific knowledge base.

I highly recommend Piotr to you, and in fact, my adult son, Peter, is going back to Poland this year and he will contact him again for his help.

Please feel reassured, you will find, as I did, his help was immeasurable and he was a great guy!



What a great tour - with a comprehensive look at the country, the history/politics, the people, the music/arts, the food, all in a 12 day tour that immersed us in the Polish culture. Magda K. was such a wealth of information on the complex history of Poland, and she gave us an enormous sense of what the Polish people had gone through in the last 100 years, particularly during WWII, the German occupation, and the decades under the Soviet Union. In all the touring I have done around the world, this was exceptional in providing such a thorough picture of a heritage. The local guides were also excellent and afforded a strong complement to Magda. Rafal, our superb driver, also was happy to answer any mundane questions we had.

The hotels and meals were excellent - even to the point of selecting a couple of hotels with rich character over the pristine 4/5 stars (and thanks for that). The tour was full of uplifting sights and sounds from the Chopin Salon recital to the (somewhat covered) Tara Mountains. To me, it was like a story (or a 12 day play): the story of Poland (as told by Magda).

And a tip from Stan:

If anyone taking a RealPoland tour has an interest in spending additional time in the area, Magda G can provide all kinds of assistance, as she did (perfectly) for me to attend about 10 days of the Chopin Piano Competition in Warsaw.

Thanks again for all your assistance - not only would I recommend your tour, I think everyone (certainly with any Polish heritage) should take it.



Dear Magdalena,

I can't let another day go by without thanking you for the excellent arrangements you made for our trip to Poland. Every aspect of it was well coordinated and executed by you and the guides and drivers who worked with us.

The accommodations were most satisfactory and we could not have been happier with their location within walking distance to the city centers. And the breakfasts were simply delicious!

We all came away from our trip with a greater appreciation and respect for Poland, its history and people.

With sincere appreciation.

Mary and Tom O'Hare



Dear Magdalena,
We were planning on writing you to let you know how pleased we were with all of your efforts.
All of our drivers were wonderful and always on time, polite and informative. We especially enjoyed being driven by Peter and Waldermar. They were wonderful to us and enhanced our trip with their personalities and information about the cities that they drove us in. They also pointed out various interesting sites as they drove as about. Our transporters to the train were wonderful and assisted us with our luggage on and off the train.

Magda and Thomas, our guides in the 2 cities were great! They were very enthusiastic and knowledgeable. They answered every question we had and made our time together very personal. The young woman at the Polin Museum shared much information with us.

The only negative comment we have, is out of your control. The guide we had at the Salt Mine had a very heavy accent and it was very difficult to understand her. She also had no personality and didn't appear to connect with the people on the tour. Other than that guide our vacation was a success.

We were truly happy with the tour, as well as as time in Poland. Many thanks for a wonderful vacation!!

Barbara and Howard



We had a great time thanks to our guide Pawel! We will not forget him. I wanted to let you know also that when we stayed the night at the airport, we found a nice safe corner. We felt very safe for our rest. Our visit to Poland was impressive. Out of the five countries we were in, Poland was the best! Thank you for all you did and to your tour company.

Lynn Gaytan



Just a note to let you know that the tour was all that we had hoped. Magda was wonderful; passionate about her city and the subject and extremely informative. We will recommend Real City Poland tours to anybody we know who will be coming to Warsaw in the future.

Thank you for all your help in making this possible.



Hello Magdalena, I wanted to write to you and let you know how pleased we were with our entire tour!! We were extremely happy with all drivers and all tour guides! Machek, Peter and Kristoff were wonderful and kept everything running smoothly — Marta, Kris, Kate and Egele were all very knowledgeable and enjoyable to spend time with too!

I will be putting a review on Trip Advisor sometime in the next two weeks, but I just wanted to let you know personally how happy we were with everything you put together for us!!

Thank you so very much for making our time in Poland perfect!!




It is hard to express how satisfied we were with the trip. Everyone was impressed with the accommodations, the food and the tours. We were very impress with Magda, Piotr and Ralph. They were all so kind and helpful even if we may have been a little stressed from time to time. Poland is a beautiful country and the people open and kind. I hope that there will be another trip in our plans.

Thanks for all your help and planning. You all did an excellent job.

I have copied the other members of our group so they may add their comments if they wish. I will add a comment soon to the site you provided.



I had meant to reply sooner, but I was very busy traveling through several other countries. I arrived back in the USA only yesterday. I was very happy with all of the services provided. The guides in Warsaw and Krakow were extremely knowledgeable. I love reading about history, and it was nice to have an informed discussion about some of the historical events I have read about. The trip to Wadowice and Gilowice ended up being the best experience of my 50 days or so in Europe. I really enjoyed the John Paul II Museum.

My guide, Mario, was very helpful in assisting me with attempting to locate relatives in Gilowice. I had only the last name of my great-grandfather and a birth certificate, so I was not expecting to find anyone, but after Mario talked to some villagers at the local cemetery, I actually ended up meeting some relatives that still lived in Gilowice (my great-grandfather’s younger brother’s son and his wife and daughter).

That experience was beyond any of my expectations for the trip and is something I will remember for the rest of my life. So, it all went wonderfully and I loved my time in Poland.

Thank you so much for arranging everything.



Thank you very much for a perfect trip. Your organizational skills are superb…we never waited for a guide or driver. The guides were exceptional in their knowledge and their ability to explain often complex events. The cars were meticulous and the drivers were also quite knowledgable. As experienced travelers we commend you on your high level of service.

We are considering going to Bulgaria and Romania. Do you have contracts or experience with these two countries? If not, do you service any other countries. We would love to work with you again.

Our sincere thanks and warmest regards,
Beryl and Myrna

Beryl & Myrna


Our tour was very nice ... We enjoyed our driver. He was very nice and talked much with us .. We find it interesting to have a conversation about the current day Poland with our driver. And the water with sandwich was wonderful.Thanks,
Sandy and Kim

Sandy and Kim


We had a wonderful time in Poland. We loved both of our tours. Andreas was very knowledge and nice although his accent is a little thick so it was sometimes difficult to understand him. Marta was fabulous. She was great about being flexible about changing up our itinerary and showed us all of the sites in Kraków. I would highly recommend her. The drivers were also very nice and accommodating.

I would be happy to post a great review on your trip advisor page when I get home and I will definitely recommend you to any friends who travel to Poland (and I think they all should).

Thank you for such a meaningful stay in your country.




Dear Magda, we just got home yesterday & I plan to respond with more later, but just wanted to say we had a fabulous trip & we were very pleased with your service & all the guides you set us up with, especially Mario! Thank you & more later:)



Aloha Magdalena – We’ve finally returned home to Hawaii after spending some time with family and friends in Seattle. We want to thank you for coordinating a wonderful tour. It was a trip of a lifetime! Although we had read much about Poland prior to our trip, nothing compares with being there and seeing all of the history and character your country has to offer.

The accommodations you selected were exceptional, although our room at the Reszel Castle required us to climb 54 steps. We found the local guides to be very competent and informative. The dinners were delicious and representative of Polish cuisine, but the amount of food was more than we are used to eating in the evening.

We especially want to thank you for choosing Magda as our guide and Rafal as our driver. Magda was a walking/talking history book. She provided a lot of geographical, historical, political and social insight that helped us understand and empathize with the Polish people. She also took much responsibility to ensure our travel was comfortable and rewarding. Moreover, she has a delightful personality and sense of humor.

Rafal was a very competent and safe driver. He complemented Magda by adding his own insight and information. They made a good team.

We highly recommend this tour and your company. We wish you much future success. It is our hope that someday we are able to return and tour eastern Poland. Of course, we will choose your company and hope to have Magda as our guide.

Phil and Carol

Phil and Carol


This was my first trip to Europe, and my first tour. From the very first day my time in Poland will be the most enjoyable and memorable trip I have ever taken. This is because Magda and Rafal were informative, helpful, and looked out for us every step of the way in a strange country. Magda was not only knowledgeable, but she shared her wealth of information in a way that brought the country and it’s history alive for all of us. We had many good laughs along the way and by the end of the trip I felt I had made two good Polish friends, Magda and Rafal.

Accommodations were excellent, although the castle was a bit unusual. However, the town provided me a chance to see the smaller town and enjoy that aspect of Poland. Rafal drove us those days down many back roads that showed us the “real Poland” that one can not see from the motorway. Magda was extremely patient as I fumbled my way through the five Polish words I thought I had learned. She was always there to make sure that when I ordered ice cream or bottles of water I got ice cream and water instead of whatever it was I probably did order.

The guides provided were also beyond compare. They were passionate about their subject and, like Magda, were patient with our questions and from all of them I gained a perspective of the history and emotions that are so much a part of your country. Wolf’s Lair came alive for me, as did Worclaw because the guides felt so passionate about their subjects.

Auschwitz was a moving experience and so glad I made it there. Now Peggy and I can be witnesses to the terrible suffering.

I would, and will, recommend Real Poland to anyone. There is no way I could think of that Magda and Rafel could have made the trip more enjoyable.

On the last day I told them both Magda and Rafal that our trip wasn’t so much a tour as it was vacationing with fiends.

Thank you, Magdalena, for making this truly a trip of a lifetime and please continue to use both Rafal and Magda on future tours.

Peggy and Bob


Dear Magdalena,Larry and I arrived home late last night, exhausted but joyful. The tour was perfect. The smooth driving of Darek and the knowledge of Margaret during our first 8 days were phenomenal. We would not have been able to accomplish the ancestry searches without their help. I will encourage those folks in our area interested in doing what we did to contact you for a successful venture. The few very minor miscommunications during the first day or so likely were the result of specific questions we had not discussed prior to the trip.Our drivers from Christ to Ralph and others were very professional and accommodating. After the first time, it was a wonderful feeling knowing that we would be taken to and met at the train platform.

Our guides Olga in Kaliningrad and Joanna in Krakow were outstanding. Larry and I learned a lot and would like to return to Poland. We knew that when the itinerary stated that someone would meet us at the receptions, they would be there.

You also did an outstanding job with the weather. It was absolutely perfect.The bit of rain we had was at those times when we were scheduled for a short session outside or on the train. What timing for the tour: I can’t neglect to mention the five festivals we experienced from Gdansk to Kaliningrad to Krakow.

Thank you so much for planning such an outstanding trip. I am anxious to share photos and stories with our family. Some of the people in Liwa requested copies of my old pictures from the house, which I will send them. It is incredible that the people living in my mother’s house wish to continue contact via e-mail. All of this due to you and Margaret.

dziękuję bardzo, Sieglinde

Sieglinde and Larry


Dear MagdalenaThanks, we all had a great time.I have recommended the same B&B and itinerary to many friends...please be assured that if one asks me for a contact I will send them your address.Good work...nice country...and thanks

Michael & Claire


Hi, Magdalena,We had a great time and very good success today!!!We learned the names of my GREAT Grandfather and Grandmother, which we didn't know, visited the church where they were married in Baboszewo (original wood church was rebuilt in 1914 as a brick building on same site). We found that my grandfather Maximillian was born in 1884 in Krusewie, not Raciaz. After Maximillian married Waleria Polomska in Raciaz, church we got to see(!), then they moved and lived there until they came to the USA sometime in 1911 or 1912.Because the area was controlled in 1884 by the Russians, the archive records are in Russian, even though the families are ethnic Polish. (!)So, we learned a lot and I have quite a story to tell. Gustav did a great job...very safe driver. He did a great job of negotiating for documents and talking to the clerks in various offices in Mlana, Baboszewo, and Raciaz. Please let him know how happy we are with his help!Please let us know, or send a link, to Trip Advisor so we can send a review!

Best regards,




Dear Magdalena,

With a heart of thankfulness, we thoroughly enjoyed the trip. You did a great job in organising a perfect tour catering to our requirements with the exception of our last day stay in Krakow which is no fault of yours. Hotel Puro is no comparison to Queen Boutique hotel which I may say is a star lower. Seriously, you should ask back for a refund from Queen Boutique for their mistake.

Chris is a good driver, patient, soft-spoken, helpful, honest, reliable and pleasant. We liked him a lot and enjoyed his company. Your company is blessed to have him as a staff. Please remind him to send the photos which he took for us in his iPhone to my husband's email which was given to him.

Thanks for arranging the two forest rangers, Mr. Slawomir Przygocki (Bialowieza National Park) and Mr. Pawel Szczepanek (Zakopane-Giewont Summit and Valley of the Five Lakes). They were amazing professional guides. We enjoyed the trek and hikes immensely. We will highly recommend your company to our friends who intend to travel to your beautiful country. Keep up with your good services!

Warmest regards,

Soo Soo



Good morning Magdalena,

Our tour with Margaret was fantastic! The time flew by and we were left with a desire and commitment to visit Krakow again with more. Our experience with realpoland and you in particular was nothing but positive. When we get home l will post a review highly recommending realpoland. Thank you so much for such a great job!



Hello Magda,This is our final day in Poland. Rafal will be picking us up and taking us to the airport in just over an hour. He is a very good driver and a nice person to spend time with. We took him to places he has never been to before and I think he enjoyed that very much. All of the drivers were very good. Most of the guides were very good and were very familiar with their subject matter but the guide at Czestochowa needs a little more practice. She will be just fine and I think you could use her again but I think she was a little nervous and as I said I think she just needs a little more practice.The hotel accommodations were all good with clean rooms, wifi and good breakfast. The only problem we had was the noise from the streets in Poznan. We were woken up every night by the large number of people leaving the bars and nightclubs. This morning we were woken up a couple of times. It was really loud around 4AM and it sounded like there was an argument between a large group of people. With the exception of the noise the hotel is very nice with good rooms and a friendly staff.We have had a wonderful time and are sorry that we have to leave but that day has come. You and your company did a good job and I will recommend your services to others.Regards



We had a great time in Poland and really enjoyed both of our tours.

In Warsaw we loved the Chopin tour. It gave me the opportunity to see many new things on my third visit.
In Krakow we had a terrific driver who delivered us safely to Auschwitz and back and gave us some great info on the things we passed along the way.

I hope to be back in Poland in September and will contact you again if there is time for another tour.
Thank you for arranging everything for us. We are very happy!

Best regards



Hello Magdalena,
Thank you for checking in with me. We are home now. Just got to Chicago a couple hours ago.
No, we didn't get to see any documents but that's okay. Maybe if it wouldn't of been on a Saturday, we may have been able to travel to Tarnow to see some documents.
My main priority was just to see the two villages and possibly the church that my family may have went to, and we were able to do that. The hospitality that we were given by Marta and the people in Olchowa will be a great memory and a story that we will share with our family. The experience couldn't have been better!

Thanks again for all your help! I will send Marta an email as well.

My aunt and uncle are planning a trip to Poland next year and they may want to visit the same villages. I will definitely recommend you and Marta!

Take care Magdalena,
Love Amy



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